■ Punainen kukka プナイネンクッカ【四角】 お弁当袋になっちゃう!!ランチクロス☆ red flower 【square】Bento place mat and bento bag

  • ¥1,800
    単価 あたり 






・Мサイズ :200ml(幼児用)~600ml(子供・女性用)程度   


・原材料:布部=綿100% 紐=アクリル ビーズ=木製



 ~北欧系~ 赤の花と青の葉のデザイン。

・ A place mat that quickly turns into a lunch bag when the string is pulled.

・ The bag is reversible.

・ Even small children can easily handle it.

・ Patent No. 5937656

・ L size: About 700ml (for large women or men) ~ 1000ml (for large men)

・ М Size: 200ml (for infants) ~ 600ml (for children and women)

* We accept size questions.

・ Raw materials: cloth = 100% cotton  string = acrylic beads = wood

・ Uses domestic sewing and domestic fabrics.

・ Design
~ Punainen kukka (Red flower) ~
Nordic kind of design. Fabric with ref flower patter on the front and back is with blue flower silhouettes.