■Nayu ナユ【四角】お弁当袋になっちゃう!!ランチクロス☆ Nayu【square】Bento place mat and bento bag

  • ¥1,600
    単価 あたり 






・Мサイズ :200ml(幼児用)~600ml(子供・女性用)程度   



 紐=アクリル ビーズ=木製


・デザイン 薄いピンク地はしぼり風の小さな隆起したドット柄。裏地は生成りのオーガニックコットン。裏表共に品質の良い生地を使っています。生地の組成が違う為、洗濯後伸縮率が若干違うこともあるかと思いますが、そちらも踏まえてデザインの一部としております。

・ A place mat that quickly turns into a lunch bag when the string is pulled.

・ The bag is reversible.

・ Even small children can easily handle it.

・ Patent No. 5937656

・ L size: About 700ml (for large women or men) ~ 1000ml (for large men)

・ М Size: 200ml (for infants) ~ 600ml (for children and women)

* We accept size questions.

・ Raw materials: cloth =100% cotton

     string = acrylic beads = wood

・ Uses domestic sewing and domestic fabrics.

・・ Design The thin pink background has a small raised dot pattern with a squeezing style. Lining is made of organic cotton. Both sides use high quality fabrics. Because the composition of the fabric is different, I think that the stretch ratio after washing may be slightly different, but we consider it as part of the design.