■Hierba azul イエルバアソル【四角】お弁当袋になっちゃう!!ランチクロス☆ Blue grass 【square】Bento place mat and bento bag

  • ¥1,600
    単価 あたり 






・Мサイズ :200ml(幼児用)~600ml(子供・女性用)程度   



 紐=アクリル ビーズ=木製


・デザイン リップル加工の白地の綿生地にブルーの細いラインで草木が描かれています。裏地はダークカラーでコントラストが大人っぽい仕上がりになっています。風合いがありシワが気になりません。裏表の生地組成が違いますので洗濯後収縮率の違いが出てくるかもしれませんが、それもありでのデザインとなっておりますのでご了承ください。

・ A place mat that quickly turns into a lunch bag when the string is pulled.

・ The bag is reversible.

・ Even small children can easily handle it.

・ Patent No. 5937656

・ L size: About 700ml (for large women or men) ~ 1000ml (for large men)

・ М Size: 200ml (for infants) ~ 600ml (for children and women)

* We accept size questions.

・ Raw materials: cloth = front side 100% cotton back side = 100% polyester 

     string = acrylic beads = wood

・ Uses domestic sewing and domestic fabrics.

・ -Design-Plants are drawn with thin blue lines on a white cotton fabric with ripple processing. The lining has a dark color and mature contrast. There is a texture and wrinkles are not a concern. Since the fabric composition on the front and back is different, the difference in shrinkage after washing may come out, but please note that it is also a design with it.